Cultural Interactions of that Time

What Uncle Tom's Cabin Really Showed About the Time Period

The images from Uncle Tom’s Cabin written in the 1850s reveals the misconstrued perception of blacks as being uneducated, violent, and inferior to every other race, while they are actually nurturing and caring towards all races and work just as hard as everyone else while incorporating the new culture of America into their everyday lives like working hard to improve their living situations and playing contemporary games with children.

What We Learned From These Pictures

Lessons Learned - Vihas Gowreddy

a) Black people were seen as complete uncultured savages who couldn't learn anything while they were actually very civilized, gentle people who learned the norms and cultures of society while being unjustly ruled.

b) The most surprising images that I saw were the images showing a black and white person getting married with the black person looking very cultured and the pictures showing the black people affectionately taking care of white children contrasted to the white people throwing out the black children.

Lessons Learned - Jaideep Patil

a) Black people have the capability to nurture children and the white, innocent children return the same kind of care showing that the black people aren't savage like society portrays them to be.

b) Black people taking care of white children was very surprising because I didn't think that the black people would show that kind of compassion after all the injustices they faced.