Introduction to BlogEd

Settings, Access and Posting

Welcome to blogging!

Blogging is a great way to share photos, information and upcoming events with your students and their families. BlogEd provides a safe and secure way for teachers and students to blog.

Settings - Manage Blog and Blog Design

Manage Blog

This is where you can select who can see and post on your blog. Blog authors can view, comment and post, which initially will include the teachers on your class or stage. Blog members can only view and comment on your blog, so add your classes to this group.

Moderation -

All posts must be approved by a blog owner - Whenever a teacher creates a post, you will receive an email. If this box is ticked the blog owner they will need to approve any posts before they appear.

All comments must be approved by a blog owner - It is important to tick this box. Whenever a teacher or student comments on a post the owner will receive an email and must approve the comment before it appears on the blog. They can also edit or delete comments if needed.

Blog Design

This is where you can change how your blog looks and add widgets. Widgets are extra features you can add if you choose. There are a number which are built in to BlogEd, but hundreds more available from the internet (just Google them!). Including a visitor globe means you can keep track of your audience and can motivate your students to participate and comment.

Posting on your blog

One of the best features of BlogEd is how easy it is to post. It is much like sending an email. From the portal click on BlogEd, then from your dashboard click on the name of your blog on the blog roll. From there you will see 'Create Post'.