Ice Dogs

by Terry Lynn Johnson

My Setting, and Characters

The book is taken place in the snowy woods in Alaska. the most important characters are Victoria Secord, Chris, and the sled dogs. The minor characters are dad, mom, Cook, Mr. Oleson, and Sarah. Victoria is a very competitive sled racer, her dad was a racer but he has died while sledding, but she carries on his tradition. Chris is also a competitive sled racer, not as competitive as Victoria,and likes to go to the woods and snowmobile instead of sledding. The sled dogs are well.... they are the most important thing in sledding. Victoria's dogs know exactly what to do when she orders them to do something.

My Beginning, Middle,End, Problem in the Story and How it was Solved.

In the beginning Victoria is racing and has a fun experience with a wolf. After the race is over she finds out that the best sledder is retiring and getting rid of the dogs, which are the best in town. She asks her mom if she can sled over there with her dogs and her mom tells her to be careful and goes off to work. So at the same time Chris is lying on the snow and is loosing blood really fast. Victoria then finds him and looses her path. So now they have no clue where they are and Chris is bleeding badly. So they spend a couple of days in the freezing cold with the food and water being limited, with dogs. Victoria, Chris, and the dogs are trying so hard to find a way out. They finally are found by a helicopter and both get punished for leaving the house without a communication device. After the whole stranded thing Victoria and Chris talked and went sledding everyday together.
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