Willemstad Times

Writen by: Carson Samples

Boy Stuck on Island

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Interview with Phillp

WT: Is it weird being interveiwed?

P: No not really but I like how this place is so giant!

WT: Are you nervus?

P: A little bit.

WT: So Phillip how long have you been on the island?
P: It was about 9 to 10 months, but it felt like two years.
WT: How did you get on the island?
P: The Germans torpedoed the boat I was on. All I remember after that was waking up next to a black man.
WT: Tell me more about this black man.
P: Well his name is Timothy. At first I thought he was a old mean black man, but after being with him for a year I realized that I would not be alive if it wasn't for him.
WT: Where is he now?
P: He had died in a horrible storm. If it wasn't for him I would have died too.
WT: It seems that you were very close to him.
P: Yes.
WT: Was hard doing all of this blind?
P: At first I thought that I couldn't do anything but then Timothy helped make me understand that even blind I can accomplish anything.

WT: If you went back and changed any of this what would it be?

P: I would have me die instead of timothy.

WT: Wow you must love this person!

P: He was my best freind.

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World War 2 Russian Army Repels Hitler's Forces: August 1942

On August 7, 1942, U.S. troops landed on Guadalcanal and Tulagi and seized control of Japanese. 400,000 Jews will be murdered in occupied Europe during this month. August 1, In an attempt to conserve oil for the war effort, President Franklin Roosevelt asks residents of the oil rich states in alone. August 8, The United States executes six of eight German spies caught after coming ashore in Florida and Long Island. Two are given life sentences instead of death sentences after testifying against their comrades.
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Timothy's Obituary

Timothy of Charlotte Amalie was a great person. He had cared for a little boy that had become blind from a rock hitting his head after Germans had sunk the boat that they were both on. We asked Phillp what he thought of Timothy and he said "As the days went on and I became blind, Timothy taght me how to survive without my eyes. Old timothy didnt even know how old he was. He had died by a storm that had gone though the Cay. The only thing he could say before he died on that gloonsome night was "Phillp are you ok?" Timothy had loved this child, more than anyone could amagine. Timothy helped Phillp out even at his darkest times. After Phillp went blind Timothy tried to help Phillp by giving him strength. Timothy of Charlotte Amalie was a giving person.
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