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April 23, 2021

From Mrs. Rhodes

I remember my First Communion and how special it was. I remember things like my dress and the party, but more importantly have continued to grow in my love for the Eucharist. This morning the entire school said a special prayer for our second graders who make their First Holy Communion tomorrow. Part of it said, "Protect, O Sacred Heart of Jesus, these young souls from the assaults of evil, strengthen their faith, increase their love and endow them with all the virtues that will make them worthy to receive Thee." This seems like a good prayer for every time we receive Communion. On Holy Thursday when Jesus established the Eucharist, my meditation from the book, In Conversation with God by Francis Fernandez, says, "Jesus will always remain really, truly and substantially present with us in the Blessed Eucharist. The Jesus of the Cenacle is the same Jesus who is in the Tabernacle. That night the disciples enjoyed the physical presence of Christ, when he gave himself to them and to all men. When we go to adoration, we too will find him again. He sees us and recognizes us. We can speak to him as the Apostle did and recount to him what concerns us and what gives us great joy; and we can thank him for being amongst us, and we can accompany him while recalling his generous self-giving. Jesus always awaits us in the tabernacle."

As we celebrate with our second graders and are blessed to be able to continue to receive the Sacrament on a regular basis, let's pray for them and each other so that we never take the Eucharist or its graces for granted.

This is the beginning of many celebrations that happen toward the end of the school year. It is been a blessing to be here and to celebrate. Thanks for helping our students finish strong and end the year on a positive note. I am looking forward to a successful and joyful last few weeks.

Summer Tutoring at SHOJ

Summer Tutoring

Several of the teachers at Sacred Heart will be available over the summer for tutoring. If you are interested in signing your child up with a teacher for tutoring, feel free to email any of the teachers below to reserve a spot. The teachers typically charge $35 per hour of tutoring for an individual student and $30 an hour per child in a small group session.


Grade Level

Available Tutoring Days


Jen Gardner

Incoming Kindergarten - 3rd


Christine Lyons

2nd- 4th

Tuesdays – Wednesdays

Sarah Hart

Any grade level


Thanks for Supporting our Brown Bottle

What a great night to celebrate and support our parish and school. Thank to everyone for making it a successful event. You can rewatch videos at You can also see renderings of the church renovations there.

Calendar Dates

April 24 First Communion

May 7 No School

May 8 Confirmation

May 14 Middle School House Activity

May 17 Year book Signing

May 18 SHOJ Graduation

May 24 Field Day

May 26 11:30 Dismissal

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From Nurse Mary

There is one new quarantine this week.

I would like to thank you for being prudent in keeping your children home when they have symptoms that might be contagious or allergies too difficult to manage at school. It is always best to err on the side of safety when there is a potential to expose a large number of people to any communicable disease. I appreciate your support in helping me to keep the health and safety SHOJ my top priority.

Thank you again for your joint effort in keeping SHOJ a healthy place!

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From SHOJ Youth Ministry - time to plan summer camps

Prayer and Action and The Summit (see PDF) are great options for your high schoolers.
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Bishop Miege Summer Camps

There are several camps offered this summer at Bishop Miege High School. Check out the PDF below.
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St. James Academy Youth Summer Camps
Registration is open for our high school and youth summer camps.

Visit for more information.

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