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Keynote on June 14th: Dr. Cameron Rains

Dr. Cameron Rains is Director of Curriculum and Instruction for Clark-Pleasant Community Schools in Indiana. He has worked with over 30 schools as a district administrator. He has led Marzano High Reliability School™ reforms in two school districts.

Keynote Presentation on June 15th: Pearson Social Studies Resources

BCSC has adopted the Pearson myWorld Social Studies curriculum resources. There will be grade level sessions dedicated to showcasing the digital and print resources available.

Pivot INSPECT Formative Assessment

Our new K-10 Formative Assessment Tool, INSPECT, will have workshops available at the summer conference.

Bicentennial Legacy Project

Students throughout Indiana will get a chance to make their choices for president, governor and senator through a mock election this November. The students will vote November 8th, the same day adults go to the polls for the general election. Organizers say the Indiana Kids' Election is based on the premise that voting is occasionally done by inspiration, but more often by habit. The program seeks to emulate the election process. Students participate in voting milestones such as registering to vote on or before October 11th.

Under Indiana law (IC 20-30-5-4), schools are required to give instruction on the election process two weeks preceding a general election for all students in grades 6-12. The Indiana Department of Education, the State Bar Association, and the Indiana Secretary of State are all sponsoring this Bicentennial Legacy Project. Visit www.inkidselection.com to sign up today!

Bruce Blomberg
Social Studies Specialist

Wonders Classroom Library Books 1st-6th Grades

We will be purchasing additional titles for 1st-6th grades Wonders classroom library titles.

Book Titles

*We will be placing orders in August.