Paws to Read

Brett S.


This is just like me, when you bother me while I'm reading

About me

Personally i think that a life without a book is a life without imagination,

here are ten things about me as a reader

  1. I love reading in bed
  2. I love books with more than 1000+ pages (they exist!)
  3. I feel like there are not enough challenging books
  4. i think you compose a book like you compose a sonata
  5. If you don't read now you'll never read again
  6. be polite to someone who is reading
  7. BE QUIET!
  8. There is no point in reading picture books
  9. Don't make fun of readers
  10. Treat books nicely they aren't indestructible or cheap!

Favorite book

The Hobbit

My favorite is probably the Hobbit it has challenging words for an inexperienced reader

and just has a great story line. Don't say that i'm a nerd for reading it its just an amazing book

Favorite author

James dashner

James was born and raised in Georgia but now lives in the Rocky Mountains with his family. He has four kids, which some might think is too many but he thinks is just right. Once upon a time, James studied accounting and worked in the field of finance, but has been writing full time for several years. (He doesn't miss numbers. At all.)

In his free time, James loves to read, watch movies and (good) TV shows, snow ski, and read. (Reading was mentioned twice on purpose.) Most of all, he’s thankful that he gets to make a living writing stories and considers himself pretty much the luckiest guy on the planet.

My favorite genre

Probably one of my many favorite genres Action/Adventure it just places you in a world full of suspense, action and excitement.

Latest book read

Gone series #3 Lies

  1. has great plot
  2. has great climax
  3. has an ending that has you on the edge of your seat
  4. if you haven't read the first one you wont get the rest of story line so no spoilers

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