Module 3: Key Assessment

Engage in Professional Growth: Classroom Website

Directions: Key Assessment for ELED 3300

Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership​

Key Assessment for ELED 3300

Module Objective: To enable students to gain practical experience in creating an Elementary Classroom Website. The students will be able to:

  • design an attractive elementary classroom website using Google Sites

  • select a particular grade level focus for the website

  • create 9 pages with specified information: Home, About Me, Parent, Curriculum, Video, Map Embedded Calendar, Embedded Form, Links to Social Media and Citations

InTASC Instructional Practice 8(o): The teacher understands how content and skill development can be supported by media and technology and knows how to valuate these resources for quality, accuracy, and effectiveness.

Creating an Elementary Classroom Website

The expectation of a classroom website has up until recently tended to manifest itself as a splash page made up of contact information and homework for the day, however today, the classroom website is moving beyond this simple and basic form in order to realize its potential as a powerful tool for learning.

1. Create a elementary classroom website using

Google Sites

Introduction to Google Sites

2. Specifications

3. Rubric

4. Place the URL address of your website in Module 3: Growth and Leadership- in the D2L comment box of the dropbox

5. Submit the assignment on time

*You will be asked to upload this assignment into LiveText

Assistance for Assignment:

1.Create a classroom site tutorial

2. Google Sites Help Center

Applications for the classroom:

Holcomb (2012) describes five important advantages of classroom websites

  • provides a location to publish student work, instilling immeasurable student pride as their learning is shared with others

  • facilitates the organization of a bank of resources enabling students to easily access resources related to curriculum units and topics of study

  • promotes the sharing and exchanging of ideas among teachers and students (educators' resources are available to be shared with other teachers to advance professional learning opportunities as well)

  • forges a link between home and school

  • projects professionalism to the public, sending a message that teachers are preparing students in ways that integrate ICT’s and classroom learning (Information and Communications Technologies -ICT)

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Free Classroom Websites

Here are some free websites that you might want to use in the future.