Kath Murdoch

Inquiry into Glenelg

Where is your head today?

What are you thinking about?

The Future of Learning, Networked Society - Ericsson

Morning Session

Knowledge is obsolete. The teacher's role is to point the kids to the right questions.

Students ask how they are going to think and plan, rather than being told.
How are you using the General Capabilities to explicitly discuss how students are learning.

Ask the questions that can't be googled - personal connection.


Learning is about ......

How to locate and critique information

Self Managing

As a learner, are you an Inquirer?
As a learner, what do you know about yourself as a learner?

Process and Content side by side, split screen, above and below the surface, etc ....

Inquiry Into Your Name

What is it?
What does it mean?
Graph the letters
Does your name belong to "the club".

Children's questions

Don't forget the Wonder Wall. Organise and classify these questions.
What makes a great question? How will you know if its a good question?
What is ...... made of?

Should a teenager know how to send a letter? If it's purposeful and relevant!


Set up iPad to video kids. They respond to a question (posted above) and record themselves. Share responses.

Lots of Reflective Learning Prompts

Personalised Learning

Daniel Pink - Drive
When students have choice they have to develop their understanding of their learning.
iTime, 20percent Time
Structures to ensure its not free time:

To Do

Thursday, May 30th, 1pm

Diagonal Road

Glenelg East, SA

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