Public Domain

Public Domain is not protected by copyright. Sometimes this is because it copyright expired. Anyone can use it and they can use it how it was or they can change it. An example of this is any of Shakespeare's works.


Freeware is a copyright that you can use, copy or give away. It also free! When people download it they are more likely to download or buy things that go along with it, so it promotes your name. iTunes is a great example because the software is free but you spend money on music.


This is become really popular because it's a great way to show people how great your product is but they eventually have to pay for it. Provides a free trial. Any lite version of a game is share ware because to play the full game you have to pay.

All Rights Reserved

All rights reserved copyrighting means that you have to pay to use it and you also are limited to the license agreement. An example is if you were to go out and buy microsoft-word at a store.

Open Source

This is programs that allows you access to the source code so you can change and make improvements to the software and are free to share it. Chrome is Open source.