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Your Cellphone Could Ruin Your Life.

In this passage it tells you all about phones, and how they are effecting in a bad way or a good way, they state many facts about each topic, I think phones are being used a lot, but.. its also helping a lot.

do you think digital distraction is a big issue?

No, I do not think digital distraction is a big issue because...

phones are good, and are used for good things, for people who need it, phones are not bad, its just the people that use it badly that make it bad. In the passage it said that " 80% of teenagers sleep with their phones nearby" this is for many reasons, it could be for important stuff like someone could break in or if your parents aren't home then you need to check in and stuff. It also says that "58% of pedestrian deaths are kids under age 19. experts believe these tragedies are mainly due to digital distraction." but we don't really know this, it could be because someone sped around the corner and hit them or maybe they were just being stupid in the streets. That's why I believe phones are not a digital distraction.

how will this article change my cell phone usage?

Ill use my phone as I always do, nothing changed.

Caitlin Watson, 3rd hour Hart.


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