Head Resident November Update

It is almost Thanksgiving break!!

Community Closing Meetings were a Success!

Great work to everyone! Your staff team was well prepared and truly became the expert on the content. It is not easy to gather everyone together and talk about difficult topics such as community harms and Title IX. I am very proud of how you all took ownership of this task.

We will schedule a second community closing meeting around Spring Break.


Reappointment/Exit/Promotion Paperwork is due Friday November 8th
HR Promotion Interviews are coming up (November 18th-22nd)
Thanksgiving Break Closing Dinner: Friday, November 22nd 5:30pm, Curtis West Lounge
Thanksgiving Closing: Saturday, November 23rd, 9:00am
Winter Summit: Thursday January 16th-Friday January 17th

More dates regarding Winter Break Closing will be outline in the December Newsletter!

Next Staff Meeting: STAFF DEVELOPMENT DAY-11/11

We will discuss our strengths in the "balcony" and strengths in the "basement" We will also review our communication strategy for First year events, review the tentative outline for winter summit and select our Spring Common Read book.

First Year Student Development-Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

It has come to my attention that First Year Students are struggling with some very basic concepts. These concepts include:
1) Reading their email on a daily basis
2) Professional Communication when responding to emails
3) Following Directions
4) Meeting etiquette
5) Making Safe and Responsible Decisions

I encourage you to work with your staff to develop creative Community Development Activities for the month of December to help your students with these five areas of development. First years will assume they know, but I assure you this is a big area of growth for our students!