Cyber bullying

Be kind online

How to deal with cyber bulling

Cyber bulling is when you get treated badly the internet, cell phone, or any electronic technology like bad use of language, rude comments or even if you just put all caps then that probably means you are yelling.

What you should do if you see cyber bulling or being cyber bullied.

1. Always go tell someone what is happening.

2. DON’T say something back because that will even make it worse.

3. Block the person who is sending you all those rude comments.

4. Try to stay at your level and don’t sink down into the bully’s level.

5. Save the evidence so you can show a trusted adult.

6.Don’t get mad at yourself when someone says something bad to you because it is not true.

7. Sometimes you should just ignore what they said and do something really fun to do to keep your mind OFF what the said.