4.9 Study Guide

Acidification and The Two Gasses Lab

Acidification Lab Procedure

This lab all started when my partner and I first filled a plastic cup with water to the first ridge on it. Then, we put one dropper full of red indicator and started blowing heavily on the top of the water. After about two minutes of continues blowing we stopped and recorded the color of the water. Afterwards, we started the second part of the lab, which was to fill two cups to the top of the bottom ridges with water. Once we did that, we added one half of a tums to each cup. In one cup only, one of us took a straw and blew bubbles in it for five minutes. And finally, we recorded the difference between the two tablets in each cup.

Acidification Lab Conclusion

In the first part of the lab my partner and I blew Co2 from our lungs onto the top of the phenol red dyed water for two minutes. The result of that was the water turning to a light orange. Then when we took a straw and blew bubbles in the same cup it turned into a light yellow. When we blew into the water and on top of it the carbon dioxide dissolves and makes the phenol red turn to different colors.

Two Gasses Lab Procedure

My Partner and I first mixed five pieces of magnesium and sulfuric acid in a test tube. Then trapped the gas coming out from it four test tubes that were submerged into water. After, we stoppered them and took them out of the water. Once we let them sit we picked up two, held one upside-down, counted to thirty, then lit a match and inserted it into each. And finally once we did it one more time with the other two test tubes we recorded the reaction.