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Edition 7: May 7, 2015

Theresa Oakley Changed Her Life With Our Apps:

"I never thought I would get off the couch and do a 5K in my life. But it was always a dream. I love love love your app. I walked/ran my first 5K in October! I'm signed up for my second in December and I will run the whole thing. Looking forward to a 10K in the spring and I will still be training with your app. Pic of me on the couch... running to the finish line on my first 5k. Life begins in your 40's!"
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What Our Users Are Saying:

"I just wanted to thank you all for this awesome app. I have never in my life written a company or posted a review of any sort but feel obligated to do so with you. I recently lost my Mother and since have had trouble sleeping (something I have never experienced). This app is the only thing that can put me back to sleep. It is simply amazing and I thank you for creating it. I truly feel it was a God send."

- Erika Raschke (Sleep Pillow, support)

"These past months have been very tough for me. Being diagnosed with RA. I have been on a lot of steroids and pain medication which has made me gain a lot of weight. I refuse to be some cripple so I started running 8 weeks ago with the support of my love and mother-n-law running with me. I have reach my goal today. I'm a 5K Runner and lost 13 lbs. Now I'm working on a 10K run!!!! Thank you!"

- Ne-c Walker (5K Runner, Facebook)

"I don't buy apps, and I don't work out. Except now I do. I love this collection of apps and how they build up to a full-body workout. It keeps me motivated and progressing at a safe pace so I don't burn out in the first week. And it's got such an easy to use interface!"

- RR790 (Squats, App Store)

"Hello, just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying all the apps I have purchased. I am slowly working my way back into shape...The apps on the market right now are completely inferior to a app that you have created."

- Jonathan Kandiotis (Pull-ups, support)

"On 1st March I decided it was time to try running again. It was hard; I had to start from scratch again and it hurt. But your app had the right balance between easing me in gently and providing the motivation I needed. I encourage anyone to try this app if they want to start running, it really does start at square one. Thanks again!"

- Jodie Calvert (5K Runner, Facebook)

"It's great. It even makes my dog fall asleep!"

- Vero Velez (Sleep Pillow, support)

"I want to say thank you for the great advice and motivation for running again :) I finished my first 5K in 46.5 minutes!"

- Brian Cassie Jordan (5K Runner, Facebook)

Find the Afikoman!

Hidden in the office is a matzo. Whoever finds it gets a prize!

Hint: congratulations! you are now a 10K Runner!