Where is Venus located in the solar System? When did we discover Venus?

It's the second planet in the solar system.Before the sun in rises in the sky the east or it becomes visible in the evening on the west side of the sky.


Live is not possible on earth.

Venus got it's name from Venus the god.

There's no water on Venus.

Venus does not have any moons or ring's.

What are the physical properties of Venus?

Has a thick and highly reflective sulfuric acid floating cloud layer,the cloud hides the surface of the planet, is covered in lava plains, has 1,600 volcanoes, mountains, the surface of Venus is 450c ( 900f ).

How long does it take for Venus to orbit the sun in one rotation? How is this different from the Earth?

It takes 225.7 days for Venus to orbit the sun..They are different because Venus is only 68% of the Earth’s year?

The different faze of Venus?

There are 14 different faze of Venus.

What is the interior and surface of venus?

The surface is covered with craters, over 1,600 volcanos, mountains, large highland terrains, and lava plains.

What is the radius, distance from the sun and length of day of Venus?

The radius is 3,760 miles and (6,052 km).116 days 18 hours 0 min.