National Industrial Recovery Act

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National Industrial Recovery Act

- Workers are allowed to unionize.

  • no employee and no one seeking employment shall be required as a condition of employment to join any company union

- There is an established amount of maximum hours allowed for workers.

  • No unfair amount of hours.
  • Regulated hours per hour of pay.
  • More people could work if some are only allowed a max amount of hours. More are employed.

- There is an established minimum amount of pay required for workers.

  • Businesses are required to pay this wage so people could make a living.

- $25 Million was allotted for farms to be purchased to relocate individuals who were in over-crowded over-industrialized urban areas.

  • Less Hoovervilles
  • Relocated individuals would be able to have a home, raise crops, and make a living on these farms.

- $400 Million provided for the construction of highways, roadways, bridges, crossings and paths.

  • More roadways can lead to easier trade and movement.

- Enacted the Public Works Administration

  • Allowed the PWA to give out grants and loans to various states and places that needed funding for lands, materials, and public works.

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