Michael Manns Jr.

Facts about Ebola

1. The current Ebola outbreak is most widespread and intense in West Africa.

2. Travel warnings have been issued for Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.

3. Main entry points to the United States from West Africa screened for Ebola cases.

4. Ebola is caused by an RNA virus.

5. Early Ebola symptoms are also symptoms of other viral infections.

6. Bleeding is common in the later stages of Ebola.

7. Ebola is often fatal.

8. New Ebola medications are in development.

9. Vaccines to prevent Ebola are in development.

10. Ebola is not a risk to the general public in the United States.

Region Ebola is most prevalent in

Ebola is commonly sited or very infectious in these locations:



Tai Forest

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Is the region Africa Urban or Rural????

It is mainly rural, in some of the places, its a complete desert and in others it is very farm able. But it is a rural area.
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Rich or Poor???

The region is more likely poor.
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What role does poverty play?????

Poverty plays a major role because for the medicine that is needed, it could cost you way too much because of how much money it takes just to make it.
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Is it curable???

Ebola is curable:

what make Ebola treatable is that you would need Treatment is supportive hospital care, it will also include Blood transfusion, Supportive intensive care, IV fluids, Oxygen therapy

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IV fluids

blood transfusion

oxygen therapy

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