Asian Country



The capital of Bangladesh is Dhaka.


-Heavy snow in Himalayas

-Monsoonal rain June-October cause floods

-Coastal area open to destructive cyclones


There are -164.4 million people in Bangladesh.


People in Bangladesh mostly follow the Muslim religion. The next most popular religion is Hindu.


The crops grown are rice,jute,sugarcane and tea. Workers get low wages. Women and girls work in the factories making clothes.


Bangladesh's spoken language is Bangla


It is becoming easier for boys and girls to go to school and get an education. Bangladesh needs more trained teachers. It used to been more important to educate boys. Bangladesh faces the challenge of teaching adults to read and write.


Older people are seen as being wise and are respected. Bangladesh have arranged marriages. Muslim's believe that after you die your soul is judged a moves to heaven or hell. Hindus believe in reincarnation.


Unhealthy living conditions in Bangladesh lead to diseases e.g. Cholera, and many children die from diarrhoea, airway infections and measles. The government is trying to make basic health in Bangladesh better. 30% of the people of Bangladesh don't get enough food.

Living Conditions

In the country the poor Bangladeshi's build their houses from woven bamboo for walls, they have dirt floors and a thatched roof.

In the city they live in slums and build their houses from waste materials without drainage or sanitation.

Only the wealthy people have comfortable homes with a tin roof

Environmental Issuses

The soil that builds up as a result of the monsoonal rain doesn't let the flood waters clear, leading to more flooding. There is a naturally occurring arsenic contamination of water that is used for cooking, dishwashing and bathing.

Natural Resources

Bangladesh's natural resources include:

- natural gas

- farming land

- timber

- coal