Science, Technology, and Society

Performance Based Assessment

Capstone Performance

Grade: 3

Science and Technology

Students represent and present an influential inventor, and their impact on society both then and now.


(16) Science, technology, and society. The student understands how individuals have created or invented new technology and affected life in various communities, past and present. The student is expected to:

(A) identify scientists and inventors, including Jonas Salk, Maria Mitchell, and others who have discovered scientific breakthroughs or created or invented new technology such as Cyrus McCormick, Bill Gates, and Louis Pasteur; and

(B) identify the impact of scientific breakthroughs and new technology in computers, pasteurization, and medical vaccines on various communities.

(18) Social studies skills. The student communicates in written, oral, and visual forms. The student is expected to:

(A) express ideas orally based on knowledge and experiences;

(B) use technology to create written and visual material such as stories, poems, pictures, maps, and graphic organizers to express ideas; and

(C) use standard grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and punctuation.


To give students the opportunity to learn about different inventors from different time periods and how they impacted history. The students will learn about different inventions and advances in science and technology over time, and how specific scientific breakthroughs impacted society.


1. Students will be able to conduct research using a variation of books, articles, and computer sources.

2. Students will be able to identify important inventors and identify their impact on history both scientifically and technologically.

3. Students will be able to identify individual inventions from selected inventors and determine the objects impact on the world.


Students will be split into groups of four students and each group will be given one inventor to research. Students should each find two credible sources to contribute to their group using a mixture of textual and technological resources. The group should come up with an interesting way to display the information including: a model of the invention, photos of the inventor, symbols/representations of time period, and a visual component to present the facts.


Tuesday, Nov. 25th, 8am

Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX, United States

Dallas, TX

1. Get into groups and establish your inventor

2. each student should find 2 credible sources

3. research about inventor and one of their best known inventors

4. Each student should include a one page hand written report ion what they have learned.

5. The group should present a visual

6. Represent the inventor in your presentation

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Grading will be determined based on: content, checkin evaluations, performance evaluation and student evaluation

Progress Checkpoints-

Week 1: sources found

Week 2: personal report completed

Week 3: visual completed (time will be given in class)


Students will receive the rubric at the beginning of the project to know what will be expected of them.

Students will receive feedback from the teacher at each checkin, and at the end of the project.