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Mascot and Some School Traditions

Baylor school mascot is a bear. An interesting tradition they do is The Baylor Line. This event takes place during football season and freshmen can attend. In The Baylor Line is when you wear a jersey with your graduation year and your nickname on it and run around the football field.

Tuition for Undergraduates

Required Fees- $3,840
Room and Board-$10,708
Total (fall and Spring)- $49,028


Off Campus is only a choice after your freshmen year. However, off campus life is quite expensive. The cost total can be more than $750. Since this is also the time to be paying tuition and books, you must plan carefully

For on campus living there are a variety of different types of apartments and dorms. They are some that can be in your price range where it a good living. On campus living is required for all freshmen for their first year of collage.

Meal Plans

There are two parts [weekly meal allowance/Block and Dining Dollars] to most meal plans, and you get to choose the one you want.

Weekly Meal Allowance: Weekly Meal Allowance allows you a set of number of meal per week. These can be user during breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night. They can be used at any residential restaurants. Meals to not roll over from semester to semester.

Block Plans: Block Plans give you the flexibility of choosing when you would like your anytime meals. You are given a set number of meals per meals and you may use them at anytime at any of the residential restaurants.

Sports Programs

There are many sports you can do! For men there are:


Cross Country





Track & Field

Some Women Sports are:

Acrobatics & Tumbling


Cross Country







Track & Field

Student Activities/Campus Life

Student Life seeks to enrich the Baylor experience through life-changing programs and services resulting in a integrated education know for leadership, services, Christian faith, and total development of the students.


Enrollment Management includes Admissions Services which is responsible for hosting, recruiting, and admitting undergraduate students.

Entrance Requirements

The entrance requirements require ACT or SAT along with ACT writing component.

On Campus Amenities

  • An arts district that could do for the arts what the Baylor Sciences Building has done for the sciences at Baylor;
  • A clinical sciences facility near the BSB that would provide a central home for several clinics (communications disorders, psychology, etc.) Baylor offers the community;
  • Additional space for engineering and computer science, either through expansion of the school’s current home in Rogers or a new facility near the Foster business campus;
  • An extension of the McLane Student Life Center that could include a natatorium;
  • A new student union building behind Sid Richardson that would provide a more central location and allow the Bill Daniel Student Center to be remodeled for academic use.