Skagit Academy Tuesday Talk

September 21, 2021 - Week 3

Pack Your Patience for Parking Lot Pick-Up!

Plan ahead for pick-up and drop-off: Once you arrive to the school, PLEASE ALLOW ABOUT 15 MINUTES TO PICK UP YOUR STUDENT AT THE END OF THE DAY. It's important that we have ample time for this process to be safe for all involved.

Click here: Parking Lot Procedure at Skagit Academy


  • Please be patient and drive SLOWLY and cautiously
  • Please remain in your car
  • Please keep the loading lane free of parked cars
  • Remain in loading lane: Do not park and come to get your student, or have your student come to you in a parking spot
  • Please follow this policy at ALL TIMES during school hours


  1. Pull into the loading lane and move forward until you are in front of Skagit Academy’s double doors.

  2. Your student should exit the vehicle on the passenger side and enter the front doors of the school.

**Parents, please do not enter the school to talk to the office staff unless you have an appointment. This will help maintain our COVID safety protocols.


  1. Pull into the loading lane.

  2. When you reach the student line, a staff member will direct your child to your car. Students will be allowed to load into the first three cars of the line. Pull forward when car ahead of you moves forward.

  3. If your child is not present, please circle around back into the line for pick up.

  4. Remain in the lane until the car ahead of you moves forward and follow the flow of traffic (Do not pull out of the lane to pass the car ahead of you).

**Students will line up in front of the school and load into the first three cars.


Please Pick Up Students On Time

Please pick up your students on time after school. The end-of-the-day pickup is at 3:20 on Monday/Wednesday/Thursday and 3:30 PM on Tuesday/Friday . Skagit Academy staff members have other staff duties and family commitments to tend to at the end of the school day, so please be respectful of their time. We appreciate it!

New method for reporting an absence

When your student is going to be absent for the day, please notify the school using this link:

Please... Do not call. Do not email. From this point on, please report online using the above link rather than calling the office or emailing Kerri, Roycie, and/or Denise.

REMINDER: Pre-planned absences must be coordinated prior to the student being gone. There is a form that students must complete with each one of their teachers. Thank you!

How Many Jelly Beans...

Mr. Marker and Luke Drumm show the 5th graders what one million (very tiny) jelly beans look like (from the book "How Many Jelly Beans" by Andrea Menotti).
Big picture

PICTURE DAYS: 9/23 and 9/24

Lifetouch Photography will be at the school this Thursday and Friday to take school photos for our students. Please have your student's picture taken even if you do not want to purchase photos. Your student's picture is used in the Skagit Academy's yearbook and part of their Skyward school account.

  • All K-4 Core students will have their pictures taken while they are in class on Thursday morning (9/23).
  • All AC 7-12 students will have their pictures taken while they are in class on Friday morning (9/24).
  • If you do not want your student to have their photo taken, and they are in onsite classes, please fill out this Google form by Wednesday, September 22: Lifetouch Photo Opt-Out

If your student is not in onsite classes, and you would like them to have their picture taken, sign up here: Picture Day Sign-Up

Meet a Skagit Academy staff member at the North gate (by Portable 1) at your appointment time and we will guide your student through the picture process in P1. Parents can wait outside P1 for their students while the picture is being taken.

If you would like to order photos online, use this link:


If you would like to order photos via the paper pamphlet, you can pick one up off the wire rack in school entry, or we will have them in P1 for those who will be bringing their student to campus for an appointment.

Academy 7-12 Student Government

It is time to run for student government!

Ideas for spirit week? What about a food drive? Think we should play more games? Student government is where decisions like these are made! Positions include President, Vice President, Secretary, and Class Reps. There will be separate student governments for high school 9-12 and middle school 7-8 (but they do collaborate often).

Campaign videos are due by midnight on Friday, September 24 to the appropriate student government advisor! Voting will happen the following week - conclude on October 1. Winners will be announced shortly after and our first official student government meetings will happen soon. Have questions? Contact the student government advisors!

Middle School 7/8 - Ms. Semrau

High School 9-12 - Ms. Jade

Data Solutions Parent Training & Parent Accounts

A training session for parents to learn more about using our new network system, Datat Solutions, attend the workshop on Thursday, September 30, 2:00pm, via Zoom:

Parent accounts are ready for login: Click 'Reset Your Password' and create your account using the email that you provided to Skagit Academy. Please complete this ASAP, and especially prior to the training. Thank you!

Click the drop-down arrow under 'Parent Home' and click 'Summary'. You will see a list of your students. View each student's information separately by clicking 'Review WSLP'. Once in that section, click 'Scheduled Classes'. A list of their weekly classes will appear. You can also view the student's advisor.

If you have questions about the content on the page, please contact the office or Denelle (360) 770-7636.

If you have questions about your account please contact Data Solutions directly, click:

  • '?' in the upper right corner, then
  • 'Visit Our Help Center', then
  • 'Submit a request'
  • Fill in the information and click 'Submit'

Mark Your Calendars

September 22: Zoom Parent Meeting, 4:00-5:00pm

September 23 and 24: School Pictures

September 24: Last day to add/ drop High School classes

September 24: Last day to add first semester onsite classes for K-8

September 27: Two make-up sessions for STAR

September 29: Two make-up sessions for STAR

September 30: Zoom Data Solutions training workshop for parents, 2:00pm

October 25-29: State assessment week (makeup for Spring 2021)

November 11: Veteran's Day (No School)

November 24: Early release (Noon dismissal)- Core classes will be in session on a shortened schedule. No K-8 electives that day.

November 25-26: Thanksgiving Break