SIA - Whole Child Emphasis

التركيز على الطفل المتكامل

Star International Academy - Whole-child emphasis

SIA is #1 on the Mackinac Center’s Context and Performance Report Card

Star International Academy started in 1998 to help students whose needs were not being met. Many students are from immigrant families. It takes a whole-child approach to learning, which includes arts and athletics. Star International boasts a 100 percent graduation rate and 100 percent admission into college. Its high school was rated number one on the Mackinac Center’s Context and Performance Report Card. Visit for more information.
Charter Schools are public schools that are free to attend and must accept all students who apply. Independent from local school districts, charter schools create a unique learning environment for students, using their own curriculums, programs and education models. They are "chartered" and held responsible for their performance by a public authorizer, typically a public university or community college.