What causes it

Ringworm is a fungus infection. It can be spread through contact from person to person. It can also be caused by Microsporum canis Which is spread by cats and dogs.


Ways to cure it

You can treat ringworm with anti fungal creams or ointments. Some creams you can use without a prescription are Micatin, Mycelex, and Tinactin.


How it is transmitted

Ringworm can spread through direct skin to skin contact. It can spread through objects or surfaces that an infected person or animal has touched, such as clothes, towels, bed lines, combs.


What are the symptoms

Symptoms may very depending where you are infected. With a skin infection, you may experience the fallowing:

  • Red, itchy, scaly, or raised patches.
  • Patches that develop blisters or begin to ooze.
  • Patches that may be redder on the outside edges or resemble a ring.



Ringworm can affect any part of your body.
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