Consumer Information

Definition, bad choices, wise choices, and tips

Five bad consumer choices

  1. Buying something just because it's on sale.
  2. Not budgeting what you can spend an a type of item.
  3. Buying more expensive gas because it's more convenient.
  4. Getting takeout instead of cooking a meal.
  5. Spending too much money on junk food instead of meals

Some wise consumer choices include

  1. Buying vegetables instead of ice cream.
  2. Buying generic brand cereal instead of name brand.
  3. Driving an extra mile for cheaper gas.
  4. Eating what you have instead of take out.
  5. Don't impulse buy.

Tips for all consumers

  1. Look for bargains.
  2. Coupon for necessary things.
  3. Buy necessary household items first.
  4. Buy only what you'll use.
  5. Budget your spending money.