Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Erasing Your Digital Footprint

According to the blog, Educatorstechnology, "one of the essential parts of the digital citizenship I have been long talking about in this blog is about digital footprints. Students need to know that whatever they do or create online leaves behind a trail or digital breadcrumbs that others can trace. This "others" can be anyone from prospective employers, to college admission boards, anything you do online should be vetted by a critical lens and if "you don't want your parents to know about it then better not do it". Link:

Music Apps

Mazlow and Technology

When technology is integrated with the purpose of addressing specific growth-oriented goals, it increases a student's potential for their development. Here is his familiar pyramid for using technology. Link:

The Newseum

This innovative website is a free, cross-disciplinary classroom resource featuring interactive timelines, videos and historic front pages. Link:

US Government Films

FedFlix has nearly 2000 films produced by the US government during the 20th Century. There is a wide range of topics. Most are simply informative, but some are instructional for government workers and are propaganda films. Link: