Jose Gomez


August 25th, first day of school. I was feeling great and ready but nervous at the same time, I was going met new people that I haven't seen never in my life. First day at Elementary Park Green School. My mom said '' 10 minutes before we leave!'' I had to hurry up and finish eating breakfast. Later on we were heading to school and mom was telling me how great it was going to be, all I said was yeah I know.. We arrive to the school started walking to my class. We got there after that I look behind me and I didn't see my mom anymore. I started looking for her with panic and I ran outside looking for her.

I Found my way to the parking lot where the car riders gets off, I looked around and I saw her getting in the car. she was on the other side of the road. I ran and try to cross the road then soon as I took about 5 steps I heard a loud car horn. I quickly look to my left I saw a big black SUV I scream so hard that everyone stop and look at me. The lady from the SUV got out and ran to me asking me ''Are you okay?'' ''what are you doing?''. I remember it was like 3 or 4 inches to getting hit. My mom heard my voice she looked up saw it was me, she got out of the car started running tours me asking me if was good or if I was hurt. I was speechless, I couldn't get any words out of my mouth that's how scare I was.


Police and teachers came to see if I was okay and if anyone got hurt. If I would of look both sides of the road this wouldn't of happen or run like a crazy kid. I could of got hit by the car and no one knows what would of happen. Thank god the old lady hit the breaks and stop. That would of been my fault for not looking both sides and her fault for not paying attention for little kids.


I miss the first day of school, my mom brought me back home. I remember running to my room and I throw all my toy cars away because I hated them. I didn't play with cars anymore, after that I got in to video games but I just lay down in my bed almost all day.. I didn't even ate dinner that night. Next morning second day of school I wasn't really in to going but I had to go. We got there but this time before I cross the road I look both sides even my mom told me. Since that day that's how I learn looking both sides of the road is really important, because you never know what can happen.