Electoral College

By Marissa Spencer

What does the electoral college mean?

The electoral college is the system of electing the U.S. president and vice presidents. Each state has a certain number of votes depending on its population. Washington D.C. has three votes. In order to become president a candidate must win a majority votes or 270.

When did the electoral start?

  • The electoral college started in 1787.
  • The delegates to the constitutional convention met to create a document of basic laws and principles for the new country. The farmers of the U.S. constitution agreed on an indirect method of electing the president. Instead of a direct vote voters would select representatives called electors to represent their state in a group of electors called electoral college.

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How does the electoral college work?

On election day the U.S. citizens enter a voting booth. He/she cast the votes for the candidates.

The person who has the most plurality votes (51%or more is a majority vote.) When citizen cast a vote for presidents they are actually voting for the electors of president and vice president.

Three types of voting houes

How do you win the electoral collage?

Win you have to get an majority of the votes. Then they count the votes. Then the candidate with the most votes wins the election.