Environmental Legislation Project

Charlie Turner Root Period 4

Endangered Species Act

The endangered species act also known as the (ESA) is important for both domestic and international species conservation. The act strives to provide, conserve and protect endangered and threatened species and there habitats. The act was introduced in 1973 and still goes on today. This act is both national and international in ways. The group is U.S Fish and wildlife service.The Endangered Species Act has been nearly 100 percent successful in saving species from extinction.

Wilderness Act

Created in 1964 a way for Americans to designate wilderness areas which represent the nation's highest form of land protection. No roads, vehicles or permanent structures are allowed in designated wilderness. A wilderness designation also prohibits activities like logging or mining. This act protects some of the USA greatest parks as in YellowStone National Park, and Yosemite National Park. This is a national act not international. The Group is The Wilderness Society. This act is know as americas greatest act.