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What's up in the Library Media Center?

Welcome back Tr1be!

We in the Library Media Center are so happy to have our TR1BE back in school! Come in to see the new books we've added, see how the Makerspace is moving out front, and meet Mrs. Ragland and Ms. Munguia. We are here to support and encourage your learning and information goals!


Reading is a joy, a privilege, and the right of every student. As each student selects the library books that he/she will read, it is essential for our patrons to understand that not every book is the best choice for every student. If a book is unappealing or offensive to a student or parent in any way, the student should return it to the library and select another book.


It is the mission of the Seminole High School Library Media Center program to aid in the development of well-prepared learners, provide effective school librarians, and create dynamic school libraries.

Our Common Beliefs are:

  1. The school library is a unique and essential part of a learning community.
  2. Qualified school librarians lead effective school libraries.
  3. Learners should be prepared for college, career, and life.
  4. Reading is the core of personal and academic competency.
  5. Intellectual freedom is every learner’s right.
  6. Information technologies must be appropriately integrated and equitably available.

Literary Calendar - September

Tuesday, Sep. 1st, 12am

This is an online event.

New Books For August 2020

Check out the Book Trailers for some of our newest books!

What's going on in the Library?

We are currently rearranging the fiction shelves to be more user-friendly! It's a work in progress, but soon you'll see new signage and easier to read labels for each of the sub-genres in the Fiction section.