World trade center reborn

By: Shawneee Haight

1968-1971 construction

"The World Trade Center Began its life as a series of proposals for a major downtown development in the 1950s." "By the mid 1960s, a site was in place, designs were chosen and clearance and construction began around 1967." The twin towers were finally completed in 1973 and the entire WTC development was finished in 1978 with the Vista International Hotel.

1776 ft

"1 WCT will be the tallest building in the U.S." "It's height represents the year of the countries independence."

408 foot antenna

The very tip of the antenna features a rotaing beacon.

1362 ft

An observation deck was built at the former WTC tower 2 so pepople can look at their whole city. There's 2.6 million square feet of floor space in the new world trade center.

$3.6 million

The cost of rebuilding equaled $1200 per square foot which equaled to $3.6 million dollars!