Giana Clovis

What were the changes during the Renaissance

With Germanic tribes taking over the middle ages wasn't a very cultural time. However in Italy the Medici family took over. This caused a revival in art, culture, and education. The middle ages was also a time of death because of the black plague. This resulted in citizens getting more involved in the government. Humanism was also a change during the renaissance. Humanism is an intellectual movement that focused on human capability and achievements.

People associated with the change

There are many people who impacted the change in society. Petrarch for example was the father of humanism. He was a writer and a poet. So was Dante. He wrote in the vernacular and wrote "The Inferno". Leonardo Da Vinci was an artist, investor, and scientist, but most people know him by his world famous painting, the Mona Lisa.

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How the change impacted society during that time

All the changes during this time made the people's view change. They stopped being so concerned with religion and more concerned with culture and education. The invention of the printing press made reading and mass producing literature feasible. In addition people stopped speaking Latin and started speaking their native language.

How these changes have effected modern society

The renaissance was a time when people started thinking about various humanistic beliefs. They started studying how people were able to do things. For example Leonardo Di Vinci started thinking about how a fetus look inside of the mom's stomach. He drew a sketch and it looks exactly how it really is. Things like these that show us where we might have gotten our views and inventions. William Shakespeare started writing during this time and we still enjoy his works to to this day.