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By Audrey Kaup


Journalism is a certain or specific activity that is used for newspapers, magazines, or news reports. Journalism is important because it needs to be written and planned out before its printed and transmitted to the world. Without this process, reports and tragic events would not get out there properly. Instead, news reports would be random sentences and just would not make sense. That's why journalism is one of the most important and the most difficult task to occur, because one simple mistake would throw off the entire task or system!

Undergraduates For Journalism

Undergraduate journalism tasks look easy, but really, its just as important and lots of work! Undergraduate journalism tasks include:

1) News Concentration

2) Broadcast and Digital Journalism

3) Digital and Print Journalism

4) Photojournalism

And if you don't really like learning or listening, you could be leader and teach instead!

Graduates For Journalism

Now Graduate journalism seems a little harder, but if you are a hard worker and determined to get your work done, this will be a breeze! Graduate tasks include:

1) Master of Arts in Journalism

2) Master of Journalism

3) Interdisciplinary Ph.D.

If you want to want journalism as a job one day, you could earn certificates in that program!

Scholarships And Finacial Aid

For Aid, you could get:

1) Summer 2015 Financial Application

2) 2015-2016 Free Application for Federal Student Aid

And over $36 million in scholarships

Contact Information

If your interested in journalism and want to see it in action, contact information is certainly available.

Email is journalism@unt.edu.

Phone number is 940-565-2205

School address is Mayborn School of Journalism University of North Tx 1155 Union Circle Denton, Tx

Dr. Takeshi Suzuki at UNT Mayborn School of Journalism

Class For Journalism