Don McCullin

October 9 1935 Finsbury Park, London, England

How did he get started?

Don McCullin got his start with photography at the age of fifteen after he left school. Even though he didn’t have qualifications, he signed up to the National Service in RAF (Royal Air Force) where he became a photographic assistant working on Aerial Reconnaissance Printing. He secured a contract in 1961 with The Observer (A British Newspaper) which took him all over the world covering wars and other human disasters. He covered pictures everywhere, including: Cyprus, The Congo, Biafra, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, El Salvador and the Middle East, which made him one of the world’s greatest war photographers.

Famous Photos

Why Photography?

McCullin wasn’t very strong in the academic portion of school while he excelled in the artistic part. He was able to tell RAF that he had photographic experience.


“Emotional awareness is the most important aspect of photography.”

“Don’t waste time, look at what’s in front of you.”