Circadian Rhythms

Jake Long Period 5

What is a circadian rhythm?

A circadian rhythm is a behavior of an animal in which the animal repeats an action on its own "biological clock".
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Sleeping is the most notable circadian rhythm that animals do, considering it is done every day when it gets dark, or when the sun comes out for nocturnal animals. Also known as the sleep-wake cycle, all animals (except fish)!have to sleep and nobody really knows why except for the reason of being tired.
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Hibernation is a state of inactivity that occurs in endotherms. Annually certain animals will make themselves have lower body temperature, slower breathing, and low metabolic rates.
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Temperature, blood pressure, strength, and even alertness

On a daily cycle, animals and humans will go through a rhythm similar to the one pictured in the graph. Most reach il lows during sleep or later at night.
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Eating is a rhythm all animals organism need to survive. We get hungry to become motivated to bring in nutrients. Scientist are not so sure why we get hungry at specific times though.