George Hurrell

Humphrey Bogart

Background history

One was a unkown painter turned photographer that all the stars wanted to be photographed by. The other was a B movie actor that everyone wanted or wanted to be. One day in 1937 they met up and the rest was history. It most likely was his most famous due to the fact they were both fairly famous at the time.

My Opinion

I like how the lighting highlights his face, but it does make his hand dark and distracting. I'm not sure I would change it though, because it might make the puff of smoke look weird or not as cool or something? I don't really see much emotion or personality in it, but he was supposed to be a cool and rugged kind of guy, so I can let it slide. Otherwise I don't really have much to say about it, it just seems like a fairly standard Hollywood shot. Although, one thing I do have to say is that the lighting makes his eyebrows look like fuzzy caterpillars.