Fundraiser: See's Candies

Support our Magnet

We are selling See's Candies!

When: February 25-March 15

You can order your favorite See's spring treats from any Humanitas Magnet student. Place your order and pay in cash by March 15. Treats will be delivered by April 2.

Questions? Want to place an order?

Email Ms. Kommer.

All orders and cash are due to Ms. Kommer by March 18th.

Students should make sure to deliver their money in person to Ms. Kommer. It's not a good idea to ask a friend to do it for you. You'll be held responsible if cash goes missing and your customers won't be happy.

How will we use the money we raise?

We will use the funds to purchase materials for our classes, plan field trips, and hold special assemblies for our students.


Sell $25 worth of candy and receive one event ticket.

Sell $50 worth of candy and receive two event tickets.

Sell $75 worth of candy and receive two event tickets and a Humanitas Magnet t-shirt.

Participation is completely voluntary and will have no effect on student grades.

What are event tickets?

Event tickets are our way of encouraging students to get involved in our Humanitas Magnet community. Students who are involved are more likely to take on leadership roles and enjoy school more. Students who have been active members of our community are invited to wear a special sash at graduation and are honored at our awards events.

Students earn event tickets when they attend Humanitas Magnet events, help set up for assemblies and awards nights, volunteer their time and talents, and support fundraisers. We ask students to earn 2 tickets their freshman year, 3 tickets their sophomore year, 4 tickets their junior year, and 5 tickets their seniors year for a total of 14 tickets by the time they graduate.