By: Devan Dietsch


Mary was the mother of Jesus by suprise. She was greeted one night by a man named Angel Gabriel. He told her that she will be the mother of the redeemer and son of God. Her husband Joseph was not happy at first because it was not his child but when Jesus was older he was proud and happy that he was chose to be the ''father'' of Jesus.

Easter, or also known as resurrection Sunday, is the high point of the year for Christains. It marks the day when Jesus resurrected from the dead from being crucified. It shows the Christians God's power and loyalty to let his son die on a cross for our sins.

Christianity's symbol, the cross, came from the cross Jesus was crucified and killed on to save the Christians from their sins. The fish symbolizes when people were murdered for being Christian, they had a code for worship houses by putting a fish painting on their door.


The holiday is Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish new year. The people blow the shofar to mark the event. Their calendar is a lunar calender and there is 353 or 355 days in a year.

At Jewish weddings they step on a glass cup or wine glass to represent the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem. They also stand under a canopy or chuppah to show God's sheltering presence and God's blessing over the couple

The leader for prayer in a synagogue is called a Rabbi. The word Rabbi translates exactally to the word teacher.


When Muslims enter the mosque they take of their shoes and wash their hands. Why you may ask? It shows their purity to their one and only god Allah.

The Kaaba in the city of Mecca is a huge stone that was said to have been sent down from Allah. It is said to have been dropped down to help and guide Adam and Eve to build a alter for all the Muslims to pray at.

A man by the name of Muhammad was out on a journey to the mountains to clear his mind. When he was sitting in a cave a angel by the name of Gabriel came and taught and told him about the one and only god Allah. It was 5 years later that Muhammad wrote the first revelation in the Quaran.

How they are all the same.

They three religions are all the same because they all believe in one god, so therefor they are all monotheistic.

All three religions believe in a paradise after life. Islam's is a beautiful green jungle with all the fruit and your family. Christianity's is called heaven and they don't say what it looks like but that is has everything you can ask for. Judaism's after life is not talked about at all and they say it is your opinion on what it is like.

They all believe that their god is the reason for everything that is on earth and disasters. They say that their gods have a plan for the world and their own lives.

How Christianity and Judaism are alike.

The Jewish Torah is the first five books in the bible. The five books are Genesis, Exodus, Levitucis, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. They are about the ''Law'' given to Moses by God to share and tell the people, but the end of Deuteronomy it explains and tells about Moses' death.

Both religions believe in the Passover. The Passover is the day when Moses freed the Israelites from slavery from the Egyptians. The people were taken and God sent ten plagues to change the kings mind to free them. When they were leaving the king sent his army to get them back. Then Moses lifted his staff and the Red Sea rose and the Israelites passed but then the king's army was crushed and destroyed.

How Christianity and Islam are alike.

The religions both believe in the virgin Mary, giving birth to Jesus. She was greeted by Angel Gabriel to tell her that she will have the birth of the savior Jesus. Her husband Joseph taught Jesus how to make a living off of carpentry before he went around spreading God's word.

How Islam and Judaism are alike.

Both religions deny that Jesus ressurected. They also don't think that Jesus will come back and serve God on Earth again.

Why is Jerusalem sacred to all 3 of them?

Jerusalem is sacred to Islam because it is where Muhammad ascended into heaven. He was then taken up by Angel Gabriel and shown the signs God where he then led in prayer and service.

Jerusalem is sacred to Judaism because it is in