Counselor's Corner

by Mrs. O

PurposeFull Practice: Kindness, Lesson 2


Dear McKinley Family,

As we just celebrated our 100th Day of School, I took a moment to stop and appreciate all of the kindness that happens daily on our campus- via students, parents, and staff. For instance; in this week alone I had 2 students randomly make cards for me, 3 students give me Duck Bucks, and I received countless smiles, hugs, and even a few, "I love you" Mrs. O's. I also received beautiful flowers, cards, and gifts from co-workers; and a loving note on our school marquee. I am beyond grateful to work in a school community that generates and sustains kindness, even in the midst of personal and societal challenges. Thank you all, for making a difference in my life through your acts of kindness.

Although we all have off days or moments, we should strive to re-center on Kindness. As you will see in the resources (re Science of Kindness); how we treat others impacts their (and our) physical health and emotional wellbeing. Since we all benefit from a daily dose of giving, receiving, and observing Kindness; let's throw it around like confetti!!! <3

Warmly and gratefully yours,

Mrs. O (Ormachea)

McKinley School Counselor



Overview of Resources:

Family Connect and Create (FCC)- Connect and Create Event: To Be Rescheduled

1. Definition of Kindness

2. Links to Parent Resource Letters (English and Spanish) re Kindness

3. Excellent Read Aloud- A Wrinkled Heart; 2 Videos- The Science of Kindness and Why Kindness? -Kids Speak Out About What Kindness is to Them; and Musical Video- Kindness by Juicebox

4. Mindfulness Practice: Kind Wishes

5. Families that Play Together, Stay Together: Information and Links to Local and County Events for Families.

6. McKinley Schoolwide Expectations Chant- Our students are doing so great at reciting this chant- make sure to ask them to demonstrate it for you.

* I also left up information about our Brain (the Wise Owl and Guard Dog) and Zones of Feelings/Regulation. Understanding that our thoughts impact our feelings, and our feelings can impact our behavior and choices; is important if we desire to be our best selves.

Family Connect and Create

Family Connect and Create
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1. Definition of Kindness

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2. Links to Parent Resource Letter: Kindness (in English and Spanish)

3. A Wrinkled Heart -Read Aloud

During this heartfelt read aloud, students were able to use there superpower- Empathy; and identify it, kindness, and Zones of Emotion in the Characters. There are numerous teaching and connecting moments, which makes this book another favorite of mine.

The Science of Kindness

We all like it when someone is kind to us; but did you know that science has actually proven that Kindness is good for the giver, receiver, and observer? Watch this little video and be amazed!!!

Why Be Kind? Kids Speak Out about What Kindness Means to Them

Children have an innocent wisdom when it comes to life, so I always listen closely when they speak. In this video, young people talk about what kindness means to them. I'm sure you will be both inspired and impressed.

Kindness by Juicebox- Musical Video

This is a favorite of our students at McKinley- especially in Mrs. Allen's class. I am actually hoping to make our own music video of our students singing this song. Once you watch it, you'll see why.

4. Mindfulness Practice- Kind Wishes

This is a fun and quick mindfulness practice in which we send out kind regards to at least three people. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how great you feel after doing this practice. You might even be inspired to initiate an act or two of kindness.

5. Families that Play Together, Stay Together: Things to Do in Our County

FREE Art Supplies and Activity Ideas at the Gridley Library!!!

***You Don't Want to Miss This***

FREE Art Supplies and Activity Ideas

When Sat, March 12, 12pm – 1pm

Where Butte County Library, Gridley Branch, 299 Spruce St, Gridley, CA 95948, USA (map)- Community Resource Room; Gridley

Description Come get basic art supplies (paint, glue, paper, and more), activity ideas, and a premade resource kits. Open to all; no registration required. Families welcome. Community Resource Room at Butte County Library, Gridley Branch Parking Lot


Check it Out!!! Valley Oak Children's Services Newsletter- Activities and Resources for Families

6. Our McKinley School Expectation Chant

Make sure to ask your student to teach you the arm movements that go with our chant. <3
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*Guard Dog and Wise Owl- Connecting Thoughts and Actions

Below is a picture of the parts of the brain. Students like having a visual of where our Wise Owl and Guard Dog reside in the brain. They were also able to understand that when one of these parts of the brain is chatty, the other is usually quiet. For instance, when we have BIG emotions (anger, stress, fear) we are in our Guard Dog Brain; therefore, our Wise Owl Brain is quiet. The outcome: Our ability to have and show Empathy and/or Kindness, learn, and execute basic skills is nearly impossible.
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*Zones of Emotion/Regulations

Below is a picture of our Zones of Emotion/Regulation. Students learned that we have many different feelings which fall into certain Zones. We discovered that being in the Green Zone (Wise Owl Brain) helps us to be our best selves (as students, citizens, family members, etc.). We explored triggers such as being in trouble, trying new things, being ill, getting hurt, learning a new skill- that push us into the Blue, Yellow, and/or Red Zones. Thereafter, we came up with strategies (breathing, talking to a friend or family member, going outside, taking a moment alone, exercising...) which effectively move us back into our Green Zone.
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