I Will Go and Do

What's Happening In Indiana


We officially have one year left! This past year was ruff, we are All threw with our pity party of being gone. So with that being said we are going to try this newsletter. Not all of our family is on facebook. And it will also serve as a "journal for us".

A side note this was written before Christmas. To see how Christmas went you will have to check back in January.


I am supposed to write what happened this month. I studied for finals and I don't find out how I did until January. I took the first portion of the Bar, the MPRE, in November and my results came back and I passed. It was a pretty hard test, so I am glad I passed. I am out of school for most of December which has been a nice break. I start back to school in January, and I will also be doing an externship with Lake County Public Defender Conflicts Division. I will be able to have a special license that will allow me to go to court and do more than research and writing memo's. The conflicts division wants me to assist with trials and interviewing clients in jail. Should be fun.


I'm the Young Women president in our ward. I have been super busy with this calling. Last Sunday I was released as the Stake YW assistant camp director. Which I was kinda sad about. But I am sure I will be there.
Jason and I were called to be a Ma and Pa for the Youth Conference Pioneer Trek. Conveniently we leave the Tuesday after Jason finishes summer semester. If any of you are thinking I would like to visit Indiana in early July. Please come and you can watch Harry and Mckay. This trek unlike the last time is having Very few modern day conveniences. We will have port-a-potty, they will cook some of our meals. We sleep on a tarp under the stars, No Candy unless it authentic to the time period. ( or your diabetic) Everything rides in your handcart, There is no truck with our sleeping bags and tents (because there are no tents). You all know me I love to camp but there are some things that make camping a little easier. But we are excited to serve! Emmy isn't happy we are going though.
Recently the YW and YM did a service project for the 26 missionaries serving in our stake. We put together a Christmas bag for each of them. I wanted the missionaries to have a unique ornament that represented their mission, to take home. I work with some amazing ladies that have awesome talents. We came up with a ornament that had the Chicago skyline in vinyl. The youth helped assemble them and wrap them.

We traveled to Indianapolis for the first time this past month. We went to the Indianapolis temple which is in Carmel, that's about 20 minutes away from downtown Indianapolis. Elder Jackson from our home ward is serving as a LDS missionary. We were able to take him and his companion out to lunch. It was really good to see him and visit with him and his companion. He was friends with both Payton and Charlie.
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Well this month I started a new job at Indiana Beverage. They distribute alcohol to north west Indiana and to a sister company to deliver southern Indiana. My job there is to wrap the pallets with plastic and put the shipping information on the pallet so it can be shipped.It doesn't sound like hard work but it is and you learn to deal with dizziness. Its a good job and it will help pay for a mission. The only other thing that happened was out here the church has a program for youth called mini missions. A mini mission is where you spend 3 days 2 nights with the missionary's (I slept at their apartment). You are a missionary for those 3 days. Its to help you decide if a mission is for you or if you already know your going to show you how a mission really is. I went down south to a small town called Rensselaer. The elders I was with were Elder Carter from Fillmore Utah, and Elder Thiel from Wisconsin. Both Elders were amazing and taught me allot to prepare for my mission, the do's and don't for a mission. One last thing if you guys could pick 10 of your favorite recipes or dishes and get a recipe for them and email them to my mom that would be great! I want to have some recipes for my mission and I want to start practicing making things now.


I'm 16 now, no I haven't been on my first date. I got my learners permit. Here in Indiana you have to wait until you are 16 to get that. Then you drive for 9 months Or pay $400 to go to driving school. Then you can get your license when your 16 1/2. Most people just wait. My mom says that is why they drive so Crazy out here. Because most people never really learned how to drive. If I can earn enough money I would like to driving school so I can have my license before I come back to work this summer. Also if I don't take driving school here, I will have to when we move back. Utah requires Everybody to take drivers ed or go to driving school. That would make me the looser in 11th grade taking drivers ed.


I have been working on personal progress and I am almost done yay! I get to go to the stake dances now and I will be going on Trek.


I am getting my arrow of light in January! I am going ice skating on the Monday after Christmas for my birthday! I got glasses this moth.


I lost one of my front teeth. I have learned to read and count to 120. I know how to count by 10's to 120 also. I still really like dinosaurs. And I still want to be a paleontologist when I grow up. My mom has cut most of my curl off so my hair can lay flat. Which makes me happy.