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Need encouragement? Inspiration? Training? We got you!

Design an education around your child’s passions; one that lights a fire in them that can never be quenched! At Classical Conversations, we believe the learning experience should be about creating joy, wonder and delight. We equip parents with helpful resources and an encouraging community so that educating can be an adventure. If you are ready for a fresh approach to learning, join us at our free Parent Practicum right here in Miami Springs!

Whether you are a homeschooler or not, you will find great ways to reach your child and encourage them in their education and faith! We will discuss practical ways to inspire wonder and learning in every situation.

Get ready for three days full of encouragement and training on how to guide our children to discover truth. This year we will focus on the topic of science and how God's beautiful creation points us back to Him and His love towards us. How can we instill this in our children? How can we encourage them to seek truth and not be caught up in the lies of science vs God?

“It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.” Proverbs 25:2 (NKJ)

Children's Camps Available for only $42 for entire conference!

That's just $14/day!

Be encouraged and equipped while your children learn at our educational and fun camps! Camps are available for ages 6 months up through 12 years old. We are also looking for teens who would like to earn volunteer hours!

Science Camp - Children ages 9-12 - Using Lyrical Life Science songs and lessons, students will love learning about biology in this fun, hands-on camp. Students will learn about classifying living things, the scientific method, Louis Pasteur, and vascular plants. They will make and use a nature journal to hone their observation skills, participate in labs and try writing lab reports. Students will also get an introduction to the other areas of science they will study in depth in the Challenge program: physical science, chemistry, and physics.

Geo/Draw Camp - Children ages 6-8 - During our popular Geo-Drawing Camp, children will spend three days drawing and mastering the earth’s geography, including the major features and political boundaries of the continents. Facilitators will teach the classical model and drawing skills in order to help students complete their projects. We use techniques from Mona Brooks’s Drawing with Children; your child is sure to love attending this camp!

Play Camp - Children ages 3-5 - Designed for preschool students, our play camps are a mixture of play, simple art activities, and memory work chanting. Your children will enjoy this time and may learn a few grammar pegs in the process!

Nursery - Children ages 0-2 - Classical Conversations provides quality nursery care for your infants and toddlers so you can enjoy your Parent Practicum. Before dropping off your child, please label all personal belongings. Parents are welcome to pick up and drop off infants as needed.

Teen Volunteer Opportunity - Teens aged 13-17 - Assist in our camps or bookstore and earn valuable volunteer hours while having fun, gaining valuable experience, and serving others!

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Miami Springs Parent and Educator Training - July 6-8

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