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Availability of Quality Digital Print Film in the Market

The advancing technology today is offering a wider choice of technological products and solutions that enhance the lifestyle of society. This includes the emergence of digital print film that is growing popular in the market. Digital print film can be used in a variety of applications at home, office, commercial or industrial environments.

Modern technology is evolving the presentation of products with the use of laminating films especially in the digital print industry. A growing number of digital laminators are available in the market that incorporates the latest technology and advanced features that produce higher performance and functionality.

The market sees a growing demand for digital laminators using Digital Supermelt film which is used in single-sided lamination. There is a strong adhesion applied to the digital prints to be laminated which are printed from popular printers like the HP Indigo, HP InkJet and Konika Minolta.

There is also the Digital Ultrabond with superb adhesion on digital print films giving excellent results especially when used with Xerox prints. The resultant prints are glossed or matted for a better finish.

Digital machines
Digital print films must be used with the proper lamination machines such as the digital laminators for the best effect and results. The digital laminator SureLam Pro offers high speed lamination with its roll component that handles single or double-sided lamination. There are various models of SureLam Pro with different features and specifications to cater to the different lamination needs and expectations of the consumers, offices and commercial outlets.

The SureLam Pro models offer variable speeds and temperature controls to operate at 7m per minute. Most of its models can handle low melt laminating digital print films up to 500 micron.

Another digital machine is the larger Protopic Plus which is a semi-auto laminator that is commonly found in copy shops that service consumers and offices that require on-demand prints. There is a manual feed and cutter as well as a de-curling bar to assist in the laminating process.

Embossing patterns
Different digital print films allow a variety of embossing patterns to create a better product finish. There is the availability of gloss or matt finish that would enhance any digital print lamination depending on the application.

The Protopic 520 model is an excellent trade-roll digital laminator that allows elegant embossing results. It is an ideal laminator for small to medium commercial print or photo shops as well as advertising material manufacturers for the lamination of digital pictures, photos, pictures and post cards.

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