Tustumena Elementary Newsletter

September 6, 2012

Another Great Week

Hello Tustumena Family,

What an amazing start to our school year! The staff at Tustumena have been going all out to make sure every child is successful. We have completed our initial assessments and are deep into new instruction with the students. You may notice we have a new Math curriculum this year and some of the language is a little different than it was before, or different from when you were a kid. If you have any questions about how you can support your child with their homework, please do not hesitate to ask. It really is different than it used to be. (just the language, 2+2 still equals 4;-))

We have a very specific focus this year. In addition to our usual high standards in all academic areas, we are calling special attention to Science. Aligning our science goals and instruction will be the main topic of our early release collaboration time. (see district calendar for early release days) One of the things you can do to support our focus is to ask your student to talk then write about science. Most students can have conversations about their observations and many can even explain the processes and cycles observed in the world around us, but several have difficulty writing down their observations or keeping a process or cycle in order when writing about it. So please, take every chance you have to have a written conversation (or drawings for younger students) about science. Maybe even start a journal that you write in with your child.

We are already planning the Lynx Tracks field trips (thanks to our awesome PTO). Students attentiveness in class is one of the biggest indicators of their eligibility for the field trips. The first field trip will be to the pool for the younger kids and the hay maze for the older ones. Thank you again to our PTO for supporting this successful program.

In closing, please remember that we are being held accountable by the state for student attendance. It is a big part of our “School Report Card,” and since our students don’t drive themselves to school, we really count on you for support in this area. I will be contacting families with attendance concerns soon.

Hope you are all enjoying the end of Summer, and beginning of Autumn.

Short week at Tustumena