A Day In The life Of Mizuno's

Alex Fyfe

History and Passion Connection Of Mizuno's

Mizuno originated in Osaka, Japan. It was founded by Rihachi and Rizo Mizuno in 1906. They named the company after them. I am connected to these shoes because Ithese Mizuno's are volleyball shoes and volleyball is a sport I am deeply passionate about.

A Day In the Life Of Mizuno's

The tension on the court rises when the volley ball flys over the net. I plant my feet on the ground and get into stance, ready for the ball to come back to me. The ball hits the net and almost falls. I take that to a agvantage and I jump up and get into spiking position. My feet lift off the ground and my hand smacks the ball down on the other side. I heard the loud smack sound then the crowd cheering. My point caused our team to win.