Bangor West October 15, 2021

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School Library

Hello, West Families! As we begin to utilize our library more, we are open to having parent volunteers come to our building on Fridays for a couple of hours to help restock books. If you are able to help, please notify the office. We will coordinate a schedule with those of your who are interested.

We are currently working through logistics but we would love the extra set of hands. In order to volunteer, you'd have to fill out the volunteer form in advance and also take the Covid screener on the day you are helping.

We appreciate your partnership in education and look forward to many reading opportunities for our students!


Craig Pfenninger

Principal Bangor West

Walk to Win Fundraiser

We are excited to do a Walk to Win fundraiser this year. It will be a battle of who can raise the most money....our Michigan or Michigan State fans! Students will reconnect and reengage with their peers as they walk the track and do other activities to help students grow positive relationships and spend time together while wearing their favorite school's colors. This event will take place on October 28th (weather permitting) and will be rescheduled if the weather doesn't cooperate. The fundraiser will be utilized to fund our book vending machine as well as other rewards/incentives for our students at Bangor West. More information will be sent through email in the coming days.

IRIP information

Some families will be receiving information about an IRIP. An IRIP is an individual reading improvement plan. Your child's teacher will review this with you more at parent-teacher conferences and ask for supports at home to help get your child back to where they need to be with reading at their current grade level. Please reach out to your child's teacher if you have any further questions.


We will have our Halloween Parade back! If the weather cooperates, we will have our parade start at 2:00 on Ranch Drive on October, 29th. To avoid congestion, DO NOT park at the school parking lot. You are able to park on the road as we follow our way through the neighborhood. More information will be emailed in the coming days.

Other Halloween activities will take place in the classroom with the classroom teacher throughout the day.

Students of the Week

Open Mindedness

Mrs. Eckerd – Prosper Tacey

Mrs. Hayward – Zhirena Rajewski

Mrs. Kieliszewski – Lori Howell

Mr. Mrozinski – Gavin Gerard

Mrs. Arnold – Georgia Haight

Miss Herr – Nola Kasemeyer

Mrs. LaBelle – Dominic Winchell

Mrs. Schomaker – Bella Gougeon

Mrs. Lemuel – Rhyder Tasker

Ms. Nelson – Maverick Campbell

Ms. Kanicki – Ayden Schomaker

Mrs. Lewis – Brooklynn Bullock

Other People Matter

Mrs. Eckerd – Suzannah Dominowski

Mrs. Hayward – Wyatt Ferranti

Mrs. Kieliszewski – Mason Behrmann

Mr. Mrozinski – Bryce Gamez

Mrs. Arnold – Jamie Johnson

Miss Herr – Oliver Hadd

Mrs. LaBelle – Elijah Szczepanski

Mrs. Schomaker – Carson Weiss

Mrs. Lemuel – Sophie Hitz

Ms. Nelson – De’Ontae Garrett

Ms. Kanicki – Katie Gallagher

Mrs. Lewis – Khloe Roth

School Orders and Pictures

We are checking in on the status of our school pictures and clothing orders. More information will be shared once we gather more details.

Drop off/dismissal

Please be patient and careful when dropping off and picking up. We want to make sure everyone is safe at all times and appreciate going slow and being cautious. If possible, please exit the parking lot to the right if traffic is back up in the drop-off lane behind you in the morning. Thanks again for your patience.

Popcorn Friday's

It's back! Our famous Popcorn Fridays! Every Friday we will be popping popcorn for students to purchase. It is $.50 a box and students can bring in their money on Fridays with no forms or anything else needed.

If you are interested in popping popcorn, please turn in the yellow form given out at open house. You will also find it below (additional sheets available in the lobby) and submit a volunteer application to the office. The volunteer applications can be found online HERE. Thanks!

Label items/clothing

Parents, please remember to label all items especially jackets and coats as they are the items kids leave behind most often.

Water Bottles

Please have your child bring a water bottle to use daily. Our drinking fountains are not available this year.

Upcoming dates

October 28th - Walk to Win Fundraiser

October 29th - Halloween Celebration

November 11 - Parent-Teacher Conferences

November 12 - Picture Retake

Other Contacts

Bangor West Elementary – 684-3373 Fax 686-8214

Mr. Craig Pfenninger, Principal – ext. 6202

Mrs. Linda Minnis, Secretary – ext. 6201

Mr. Charlie Putnam, Student Service Coordinator – ext. 6235

Mrs. Melissa Srebinski, Behavior Intervention Coordinator – ext. 6231

Transportation – 684-6150

Edison Administration Building – 684-8121