1/26/21 Academic Affairs Brief

Faculty & Academic Staff Email Updates Sent Bi-Weekly

This Brief Includes:

  • Enrollment Verification

  • Last Call for Student Engagement Proposals

  • Reminder From The Office of Accessibility

  • SMART Space Newsletter

Faculty Brief Email Archive


  • 01/25 - 01/29 - Add/Drop Period
  • 02/01 - 02/02 - Enrollment Verification

(See below for a full list of semester dates.)


Faculty will complete enrollment verification for their courses 2/1 - 2/2 in WebAdvisor (Monday or Tuesday of Week 2). All faculty should keep track of attendance for the first two weeks in order to facilitate your ability to complete enrollment verification. Champlain College must verify enrollment of all students in order to properly distribute financial aid money.

Academically related activities other than class attendance can qualify for verifying enrollment. Please read the instructions to understand what qualifies. Instructions for Enrollment Verification


The Fund for the Student Experience is used to award funding for a faculty or staff member organizing a meaningful experience for students. More information is available on the application form.

Grant application reviewers are particularly interested in proposals that achieve one or more of the following:

  • Provides meaningful co-curricular programming.

  • Provides an enriching experience for students

  • Facilitates student connections

  • Advances a Diversity-Equity-Inclusion goal


  • Applications must be received by January 31, 2021.

  • The office of the Provost and Academic Deans will meet in February to make decisions for the annual allocation/distribution of funds. Distribution of Funds decisions will be communicated to faculty or staff applicants by February 15, 2021.


Students requesting accommodations should be referred to the Office of Accessibility. (This includes scenarios when a student is requesting an accommodation not specified on an accommodation letter.)

The Office of Accessibility would like to thank the faculty for the support you have been to our office and to students who receive accommodations. While the pandemic has created new challenges, we appreciate all you have done while navigating this new educational landscape. As we continue to work with student needs around academic accommodations and the pandemic, we would like to provide some helpful information about the accommodations process.

Students who request accommodations provide us with detailed documentation which helps us to develop the appropriate accommodations for each student. There are times when students will request accommodations that are beyond what their documentation would support or beyond what can be legally provided. When students are denied an accommodation for these reasons, they may try to seek this accommodation directly from their professors.

While we are always supportive of faculty assisting students by providing additional support, should a student come to you with accommodation requests beyond what is listed on their letter of accommodation, or if a student has accommodation requests, but you do not have an accommodation letter, please reach out to our office. We are happy to work with you and the student to determine the best course of action.

We look forward to continuing to partner with you! Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have throughout the semester.


This newsletter contains the following information:

  • Cyber Study Sessions InSpace Continues.

  • SMART Space Insert for Syllabi

  • Virtual learning etiquette

  • How to sign up for a Tutoring or Coaching Session

  • SMART Space Workshops for Spring

  • Looking for a Peer Mentor?

Important Dates

  • 01/25 - 01/29 - Add/Drop Period

  • 02/01 - 02/02 - Enrollment Verification

  • 02/08 - On-campus instruction begins

  • 03/14 - Midterm grades due

  • TBD - Summer & Fall 2021 registration

  • 04/09 - Last day to withdraw from a class or the College

  • 04/28 - Last day to request an incomplete grade for Spring 2021

  • 04/30 - Last day to request a medical withdrawal

  • 04/30 - Last day of classes

  • 05/03 - 05/07 - Finals Week

  • 05/09 - Final grades due

  • 05/15 - Commencement