Ernest Hemingway



*Ernest Miller Hemingway was born July 21, 1899 in Oak Park, Illinois

*In 1918, Hemingway went overseas to serve in World War I as an ambulance driver in the Italian Army

*In Chicago that Hemingway met Hadley Richardson, the woman who would become his first wife.

*In 1923, Hemingway and Hadley had a son, John Hadley Nicanor Hemingway.

*The Sun Also Rises is considered Hemingways greatest work.

*Hemingway and Hadley divorced, becuase of his affair with a woman named Pauline Pfeiffer, who became Hemingway's second wife.

*After the birth of their son Patrick Hemingway in 1928, they settled in Key West, Florida.

*Hemingway spent much of the 1930s chasing adventure: big-game hunting in Africa, bullfighting in Spain, deep-sea fishing in Florida.

More Facts

*Ernest's father, sister, brother, and he himself committed suicide.
*Ernest Hemingway and his fourth wife Mary are buried in Ketchum’s town cemetery in Idaho.
*Hemingway’s son, Patrick, worked as a big-game hunter and ran s safari business in Tanzania.
*He survived two plane crashes in Africa.\
*He married four times.
*He won the Nobel Prize for Literature.
*Ernest Hemingway and his fourth wife, Mary, are buried in Ketchum’s cemetery in Idaho.
*As a teenager, Hemingway volunteered for war work and was wounded on the Italian front in 1918.
*As a boy, he often accompanied his doctor father on house calls.
*His short novel, The Old Man and the Sea, won the Pulitzer Prize in 1953.
*Hemingway suffered from alcholism and depression.
* He attempted suicide in the spring of 1961 and received ECT treatments.
* He shot himself on July 2, 1961.

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