Antarctica News

BY Rachel Rector

Penguins Outfit

Did you know that each species of penguins has a specific black and white pattern on their necks, head, chests etc. ,and either spots, lines etc. Some penguins have red and pink beaks, and some have red or orange feet. Each year, penguins feathers wear out and get replaced. This is called molting. This can last 5 weeks or more. During this time they can lose half of their body weight.

Penguins chicks

Many kinds of penguins gather their young into special nurseries called Criches. Did you know that most penguins lay two eggs, but the female Emperor penguins lays only one egg ,and they lay there eggs in the middle of winter in Antarctica. Once an egg or eggs is layed the father penguin takes care of the egg; the female feeds and stores up fat before she returns home.