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The 411 @ Kensington Urban Business H.S.

1st Place Earns $2500

On February 29th, juniors at Kensington Urban Business HS in Sports Marketing Management were awarded with a 1st place trophy and a giant check for $2500.00 at the annual DT Philly Challenge, sponsored by Gary Maddox, Philadelphia Phillies World Series Right Fielder. 10 Teams presented their projects at Citizens Bank Park to a highly respected panel of judges that included architects and academics.

The students began the process, as an enrichment project, in September to solve a problem and create a solution for their school, community or the world. The Smarticle Particles (group name) include S. Arroyo, J. Bermudez, I. Caceras, E. Sanchez, V. Gondres, L. Halloran, and A. Sosa. These students carefully chose to tackle the lack of communication in our school, after a survey revealed that over 77% of students/staff feel they are not provided information regarding activities, meetings, resources and other basic information. Secondary research suggested that when students/teachers feel disconnected to the school attendance declines and negative behavioral problems increase. A 3-Pronged approach to provide communication was born which includes a weekly news format broadcast, a website and a mobile platform. The students designed various prototypes and conducted market research before the final project was decided upon.

Students generated the first purchase order, on 3/4 for (3) 49" Toshiba televisions which will be mounted in (3) locations in the school and a Chrome systems to broadcast a digital communication loop.

Apart from winning, the students are equally excited that their research has revealed the news program and corresponding websites are providing the school with needed information. Furthermore, the KURB News staff is increasing weekly. They hope to include content from multiple sources throughout the school. Miss Bell, our health teacher, Mr. Cruz, computer technology teacher and two business teachers; Mrs. Butcher and Mrs. Richardson are getting involved with their classes to provide content.

The KURB News will only be sustainable if the entire school community takes an active role.

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KURB News.........Digital Broadcasts Coming Soon to the Hallways!

Good News! KURB News will broadcast a digital version of the news on (3) Three newly purchased 49" television screens and a Chromebook platform. The continuous loop will provide students and staff as well as visitors information regarding: sports, after-school activities, a calendar of events, the lunch menu and all the news you need to know to stay involved. Screens and the digital version of the news should be operational before the end of the month.

Currently, KURB News is produced weekly and is available on our YouTube Channel: KURB News! The program covers all the weekly news you need to know to say up-to-date and involved at Kensington Urban Business High School. Stay connected 3 Ways, website, mobile platform or the news, available on YouTube and broadcast every Thursday in town hall.