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by Rachel

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2 students from John F Kennedy elementary named Rachel and Jada are working hard together to create a story. They have been revising in school and out of school trying to make it look perfect as possible. Their story is called loves challenges


" I have been working on a lot of the writing and then I give to Jada to revise it " Rachel says. Rachel has started it off when she asked Jada to join in . " Its really a fun experience" Jada said. Jada and Rachel say "It's a good book and I would like to see it get published" So far their on page 38.

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" I love it. I love how it has plot twist" Jada says. "I also love the way the story is and would not want to change it." Jada also commented. But Jada said if she could change the title she would change it to a change in life. They say It's more for older and more mature kids.

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" I think another good title for the book is love stinks" Anna says. Jada , Rachel, Anna, all think it could be turned into a great movie. " I think a good ending song for it would be love stinks" Anna says. " Well I think a good ending song is don't go breaking my heart "

coming up

coming up in the story the main charecter Joanna will be getting married. Also she will have twins one gets cancer they go bankrupt their kid dies and they get in a car accident. That all they agreed to share with us. You'll have to read the book to find out what happens next.
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by Rachel